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Elite Sport Coating ::
Vermont Tennis Court Surfacing manufactures and applies the
ELITE Sport Coating System throughout VT, NH, ME, MA & Upstate NY.

Elite is the surface that works as hard as your courts do.

When you’ve made an investment in a court of any kind, the surface is the one aspect that everyone will see. It’s got to be right the first time. And it’s the one place where you can least afford to compromise.

35 years experience. One high performance solution.

There are companies that make paint, and there are companies that apply it.
Larger paint companies only make paint. They don’t have the benefit of actually using their product and seeing how it performs in all kinds of climates.
Applicators just apply the paint. They have no way to control the quality of the paint they use, and don’t understand what makes one paint better than another.
We’re one of a handful of companies that has developed its own paint, a product we manufacture and apply. Each container contains the highest quality paint, a commitment to excellence, and 35 years of application experience.
We learned what each paint’s strengths and weaknesses were, and what worked best in the harsh conditions that are unique to New England.
The result is a family of surface coatings that will stand up to extreme temperatures, ultra-violet degradation, heavy traffic—even the occasionally hurled tennis racquet—season after season.


Elite Prime, Concrete Primer

A clear acrylic latex primer designed to improve the bonding characteristics of concrete. When used as a primer coat on concrete surfaces prior to application of Elite Sport Coatings, it will enhance – surface performance and durability. Can also be used to reduce bonding problems.

Elite Crack, Crack Filler

This highly flexible acrylic latex is designed for filling cracks and small voids on tennis courts, playgrounds, and other recreational – surfaces. Excellent adhesion qualities and unique elongation and memory character-istics provide longer lasting results.

Elite Fill, Acrylic Filler Coating

A heavy bodied, acrylic latex binder fortified with mineral fillers and fibers. Recommended for use as a leveling and filler coat for asphalt pavement surfaces on new and existing tennis courts, playgrounds, and multi-purpose areas. Designed to be mixed on-site with sand to enhance filling and leveling characteristics.

Finish Coatings

Elite Color, Acrylic Latex Recreational Coating

A heavy bodied, multi-purpose acrylic latex coating fortified with mineral fillers, fibers, and high quality pigments for an enduring surface. Can be used as a colored surface on asphalt pavement for new and existing tennis courts, playgrounds, and multi-purpose areas. On-site mixing creates additional flexibility to provide a desired speed and improved filling characteristics.

Elite Line, Textured Line Paint

A highly reflective, textured acrylic paint designed for marking lines on tennis courts, playgrounds, and other recreational areas. Textured finish adds to endurance and durability.

Specialty Coatings

Elite Tuff Turf, Heavy Duty Acrylic Recreational Coating

A heavy bodied multi-purpose acrylic coating fortified with a higher percentage of durable latex, mineral fillers, fibers, and high quality pigments to create a longer lasting, more attractive surface. Used as a tough colored surface on new and existing courts, it’s the only surface to use on playgrounds, basketball courts, and roller blade parks.

Elite Cushion System, Rubberized Resilient Coating

A heavy-bodied elastomer coating that can be fortified with a coarse rubber aggregate, such as Elite Turf or a fine rubber aggregate, such as Elite Base, to create a more resilient surface. Applications in multiple coats over asphalt provide increased comfort.

Elite Track, Rubberized Track -Coating

A heavy bodied elastomer -coating that’s been fortified with a fine rubber aggregate to create a high quality track -surface that will last longer and be more flexible. It is a 200% flexible acrylic, designed for multiple applications over asphalt track surfaces.

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